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Holiday family activities

Holiday family activities

The holiday season in this time of year brings with it more than just red noses, cold and frosted hands.

It also brings people closer together, all the workers leave to see their families across the country.

People are more kindly to each other, react more peacefully to stress and smile all the time. There's the chaos of New Year’s shopping and the festive fun of parties and events - and the tranquillity of post New Year’s Eve day when you can walk, drive around without drowning in shoppers. 1st January and days coming afterwards are the best time for doing all sorts of things where whole family can enjoy, make memories and strength the bond of family.

There is so much to do at Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Belgrade every year.

Shopping for a Christmas tree and decorations

There are many people in Serbia who love decorating their homes for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This includes decorating the Christmas tree. Of course to decorate the tree, you will need a tree and good variety of decorations. Only question is the choice between plastic and the real tree. Plastic trees are commonly used in Serbia, because they are cheaper and long lasting. But with the plastic one, you don’t have the amazing holiday ritual of shopping for the best Christmas tree and the kids would never forgive you. Then your best choice is shopping Christmas tree with roots in a pot, offering you a possibility to plant it after holiday season. Famous spots to do so are every open market, Cvetni trg, JKP „Zelenilo – Beograd” in Vojvode Stepe 405 street and Zemun hothouse in Majevickoj street. Decorations are available in every shopping centre.

When: Middle of December


Every winter outdoor ice skating rinks appear all over Belgrade. Most are open late in the evening and many have special events happening throughout the season. During the Christmas holidays, there is a small, nice, and romantic ice-skating rank on the Trg Nikole Pasica Square. It is an attraction for both tourists and locals, though it is not often crowded and it’s open December 20 - January 18, every day from 09:00 to 23:00. Free admission. Decorated with Christmas fairy lights, the atmosphere here will definitely put you in a seasonal, festive mood. Especially child-friendly, it’s perfect for families.
Also, an ice-skating rink will be installed in the Arena between 2 and 22 January, offering 6 skating sessions per day, every even hour between 10:00 and 22:00. Admission fee is around 300 dinars for one session and renting skates will cost you 200 dinars.
Enjoy an evening out on the ice; it is certainly worth a visit. The atmosphere is infectiously cheery, and it is always worth. The cup of hot chocolate or wine afterwards is also a definite perk.

When: Through whole winter

Where: Belgrade Arena,

Open Heart Street festival

It’s famous New Year’s carnival in Svetogorska and Makedonska Street on the first of January, at noon. The programme is oriented towards children but adults can find things to do. Actors, singers, jugglers, circus performers, orchestras, Serbian folklore ensembles and other artists take part in the program. Besides the street performances, puppet shows and New Year carriage and sleigh rides are laid on for the children. Off course New Year can’t go by without Santa Clause.

When: 1st January
Source: Tourist Organization of Belgrade

New Year’s Fair

The most popular event in December offers you possibility to have an amusement park indoors. New Year Fair is an exciting and relaxing opportunity to celebrate, shop and have fun, offering thousands of visitors from overseas unique experience. Roller coaster, rides for young children, all sorts of candies, shopping for New Year’s presents, museums exhibitions, amateur sport competitions, ice skating ring-what else do you need when you imagine perfect Holiday day in Serbia.

Where: Belgrade Fair

And remember - avoid doing the things creating stress around the holidays, with just a little bit of time and energy you can do the things that really make Holiday season special and bring your family closer together.

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