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If you just love to travel on your own, dictating the pace then there's no better way to discover Serbia traveling through it to get to your next planned destination.

It’s all about life on the road allowing you to experience this beautiful country.

Bearing in mind that Serbia is full of hidden natural treasures, which are hard to reach by car, and bus route does not exist, motorbike rides is one of the possible solutions. The country is not that big, off road tracts are almost deserted but roads are amazing thanks to the beautiful scenery. Serbia is amazing country with great hospitality of its people, scenery and amazing food and it’s all about meeting interesting people, exploring your own mind, knowing the culture, enjoying the food, listening to music etc. Why not add to the list - riding Serbian unique roads.

Unavoidable capital, usually the starting point and the ending one for enthusiasts who enjoy the ride. Belgrade is unlike anything you've seen before. It may not be fancy like Paris, or as architecturally beautiful as Prague, but it has that X factor that makes people revisit it or stay longer. In Belgrade you will be witnessing how Serbs are living to the full, 24 / 7, that their food has an important place in the life (with a good reason), that girls are really as beautiful as they say. The capital, which lies on delta of two rivers, is also geographically ideal for the starting point of your tour.

Numerous attractions that can generate significant tourist demand can be found all over the country: stunning nature and specific microclimatic spas to peaceful villages. Over mountains, hills, plains, you can connect with other cities in Serbia, Belgrade is not the only one that matters, other towns in the country are equally important and beautiful. If you are a more nature loving man, you can choose to drive through beautiful Balkan forests and river valleys, with the aim of reaching the typical Serbian ethnic villages. A traditional farmhouse - salas is the ideal place to spend a holiday or stay for longer. In the Vojvodina region you can find top quality cottages and accommodation set in beautiful countryside. Medieval housing, designed to reliably revive the spirit of old times, beautiful nature and enjoyable good food and drink represent Serbia’s real treasures

Northern Serbia is mainly flat, while its central and southern areas consist of highlands and mountains. The flatlands are mainly in Vojvodina with 55 per cent of Serbia is arable land, and 27 per cent is forested. Of its mountains 15 reach heights of over 2,000 meters, the highest being Djeravica in the Prokletija range (2,656 m). You can see that Serbia offers diversity in every part of its territory and gives each person a possibility to choose what is best for him/her.

Most parts of Serbia are specific and beautiful in its own way. Diverse in essence, providing viewers to enjoy the different landscapes wherever they are. Diversity rule is valid when it comes to quality of roads. The old rule applies. If you are only choosing official, main roads-the surface is better. However, Serbia cannot be fully experienced in this way. Turn occasionally off roads. It’s going to be worth it