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EXIT Festival

EXIT Festival

EXIT is the biggest music festival in South Eastern Europe and definitely an event not to be missed. Year after year the number of visitors is getting bigger; young people come from different parts of the country and Europe.

Apart from quality music program that it offers, the festival is a place of wild fun, and you can enjoy the cool atmosphere of the fortress and the positive energy of the city.

In 1999 Serbian students were organized with an idea of setting up stages close to university’s faculties and commencing a festival witch ended up lasting 100 days. It was hundred days long peaceful protest, which counted around 200,000 people against Milosevic with the slogan of the party-”Get out to Vote”. From its humble beginnings as a student initiated project against the Milosivic regime, now, the festival has become one of Europe's most popular music events, offering wide range of top performances but also an unique experience you can’t find anywhere in the world. EXIT is more than just a festival.

EXIT has taken place each July at a beautiful and magical fortress in Novi Sad that offers the kind of virtually priceless views of Novi Sad. Novi Sad, the northern province of Serbia, has been the centre of Serbian culture as well as the European region with the most distinguished multiculturalism. Built high on the banks of the River Danube, Fortress is originally occupied by the Romans, and re-built by the Austro Hungarian Empire to defend against the Turks in the 17th Century. The festival proclaimed it the State of EXIT – a state for those who share values, environmental awareness, and tolerance and are open to the different cultures and also want to make the world around them a better place. Through the years it’s proven to be the ideal venue for the festival.

The fortress hosts over 25 stages, the most popular venues being the DJ Arena and Main Stage. Usually in the period when the larger acts will play these venues (10:00 pm.-1:00 am) it’s estimated that on any given night of the festival, 90 per cent of visitors are gathered in the area of the Main Stage and DJ Arena. Yes, it can get little bit crowded but you are among the people who love music, are full of enthusiasm and ready to make new friends. Most of visitors speak English, around 60% of them are from UK. The number of foreigners increases year after year and recently, EXIT has been marketing their campaigns more targeted towards this audience. But don’t get fooled Serbian people are very good at speaking English.

EXIT is especially proud of its camp. The best party at Exit Village turns into a several day mini festival in its own right. An incredible atmosphere, non-stop party, enjoying the nature, concerts, all these make a special part of Exit experience. Apart from great entertainment, Exit Village will offer workshops, social issues education from areas such as democracy, tolerance, multiculturalism and environment protection. Also, the camp now offer proper showers and toilet facilities, bag storage, Internet and charging stations for mobile devices. Most of the camp visitors state that Exit experience is not fill if you don’t stay in the Exit camp.

UK Festival Awards in 2007 awarded Exit as the Best European Festival. Public from all over the world voted for about a month, and among 10 festivals, Exit won this award that is being awarded for the first time in the category of the Best European Festival.

"Exit was in an extraordinary setting with so much diversity in one place... the enthusiasm and energy with which we were greeted, was a humbling and emotional experience" Underworld

EXIT is rapidly gaining more, more and more international recognition witch proves that music is a universal language connecting and bringing people together and making the world a better place.

The next EXIT Festival will be held from July 7th to July 10th 2011 at Petrovaradin fortress in Novi sad.

  • The average price for a meal per person is €5 to €10. Fast food restaurants are often open 24 hours and the average price for a meal is 1€.
  • Local beer costs around 1€, imported beer is €1.5 to €2.5, a cup of espresso coffee costs from €0.8 to €1.2 and juices are 1 to 1.5€.
  • The climate is moderately continental and the summer is usually very hot, although there is the risk of rainstorms that can catch you by surprise. The temperature in July is often over 30°C and the average temperature of the Danube is around 24°C.
  • Last year four-day ticket was around 105 euros or 90GBP.
  • Village ticket is around 25 euros or 20 GBP and is not a festival ticket also.
  • The average starting fee for the taxi is charged at 100 dinars and each consecutive kilometre is 35 dinars. The average fee from the central bus and railway stations to the Petrovaradin Fortress is between 150-200 dinars. Don’t get scammed!
  • To arrive to Exit Village take direct bus-70.

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