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New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

It’s time to think about the way you want to spend your Christmas holidays, cause it’s just around the corner. Usually, New Year's Eve means parties and where better to celebrate them than by spending it in Serbia.

First day of the month of January is celebrated as "New Year's Day" throughout the globe with not that much of noise and pomp. The day when we'll bid adieu to old year and welcome the dawn of brand New Year. Its the time when families, friends, acquaintances and loved ones come together. It’s usually the best time during the year to spend it with the love ones. When you think about it, spending whole January in Serbia is pretty good idea. Thanks to different religious calendar we can offer you various random holidays, work free time, amazing parties and often too much food.

Streets and shop-windows are getting decorated in the beginning of December so you are jumping early on the holiday wagon. Serbia, and first of all Belgrade never saves the money when it comes to organization of New Year’s Eve, even now, despite economic situation.

The main thing in Serbia is not the 1st January but the day before - 31st December. Regardless of whether you prefer the quiet atmosphere and like to spend it with your family or want to celebrate the New Year with a few thousand people, Serbia, mostly Belgrade can meet every individual wish and desire. Many people from the region and distant places pack their bags and bring holiday mood in Serbia knowing that they’re going to have unforgettable time. Most of them are from Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia, followed by many Italians, Germans, Czechs and Russians.

Depending on the character and what feels right at that moment it’s possible to spend New Year's Eve in a club, "splav", bar or on the streets of Belgrade. Entrance fee for the indoor parties is from 20-50 euros and the drinks are usually included in the price, and some food also. But do not expect you are leaving with you full stomach. But do expect to have a great time no matter where you go. The music is diverse. A large number of clubs organize parties with more then one stage so during one evening you can enjoy the R’N’B, House, Folk music etc. Bars are usually thematically oriented. But if you're picky find out what kind of music is going to be played during that night and avoid spoiling the evening by the music choice. If you are a calmer type of person, hedonist with a great passion for food, restaurants are your best choice.

New Year’s Eve celebration in Belgrade has become a traditional city manifestation, which in continuity has been held every year since the start of the new millennium.

Happy New Year 2011!

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