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Bars and cafés

Bars and cafes

Best thing to do when you are starting a long day or night out is to visit one or two bars or restaurants. Cafés and bars in Belgrade are quite often full during working hours just like in the evening every days of week.

There is not clear difference between cafés and a bars in Belgrade because both serve coffee and alcoholic beverage. Bars are always packed at cocktail hour and the city is full of people who like to be seen. Many of the most popular places are on Strahinjica Bana,  Obilicev Venac Street, Njegoševa Street  and Zemun quay on the Danube.

With a lot cafes, street Strahinjica Bana is the most popular cafe-street in Belgrade, and tends to even become one of the landmarks of the city. These cafes are among the fancies in Belgrade, but prices are not that high, though, as one could expect. Next you can find a list of some cafes.

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