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Serbia after darkAfter dark there is certainly no shortage of things to do. It has a limitless supply of bars, cafés, pubs and nightclubs suitable for all tastes.

There is a wide selection of nightclubs, which range from the conventional trendy types to the punk student types to the techno style and ethno music spots. The music scene caters to all-comers, from rock and jazz clubs to Balkan beats and turbo folk - a curious mix of electronic beats and gypsy or Turkish-influenced folk singing that's worth experiencing at least once. You can also find the best in underground electronic, techno and house music, with venues tempting a regular stream of international guest DJs and artists.

Floating river clubs are a special feature of the city’s nightlife. As they are far from residential zones, the party can last till dawn, especially if the guests are in good spirits. People go out on all nights of the week and they do so spontaneously - at any given time, they are not dictated by the day of the week but by circumstances and events. Every day is Friday or Saturday. But have in mind that Serbs never go out before midnight to nightclubs, so you can start your night in one of the bars or restaurants. One of the advantages of Belgrade nightlife is that city is pretty safe so you can go basically anywhere at any time.

Enjoy the finest nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Europe's new capital of cool (Times Online)

It’s definitely one of the trendiest places to visit in Europe, the people are stunning, clubbing is diverse and the night life is less pretentious than many other cities. Never-ending nightlife, Lack of restrictive nightlife regulation, cheap drinks, beautiful people who in the most cases speak English, great atmosphere etc. make Belgrade new IN place.

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