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Serbian Food Recipes

Serbian Moussaka (Musaka)

Serbian Moussaka (Musaka)It’s one of the simplest dishes made in Serbia for a long time.

Serbian culinary dictionary

Serbian culinary dictionaryTo make your cooking much easier we assembled a list of the food items used in the recipes on our portal.

Serbian Stuffed Cabbage (Sarma)

Serbian Stuffed Cabbage - SarmaSarma (Serbian Stuffed Cabbage) is a traditional meal, heavy dish that is usually served for the special occasions.

Serbian Filled Peppers (Punjene paprike)

Serbian Filled Peppers - Punjene paprikeA traditional Serbian recipe for a classic dish of peppers stuffed with meat and vegetables.

Serbian Bean Soup (Pasulj)

Serbian Bean Soup (Pasulj)Pasulj used to be known as a poor people's food, but nowadays it’s the very much beloved traditional Serbian dish.

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