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Shopping in Novi Sad

Shopping in Novi Sad

Shopping in Novi Sad, Serbia's Northern province is a delightful experience with very viewable influences from Western and Eastern civilizations. In the centre of Novi Sad you can find two streets - Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska streets where most of the stores are.

There you can find Mango, Terranova, Diesel, Sisley, Benetton, Levis, Champion but also stores with Serbian brands. If you're on tight budget there are two sales begining usually around New Year's Eve, and summer sales around beginning of July but even without them, prices in Novi Sad are still among the lowest in Europe and much lower comparing to Belgrade.

Shopping in Novi Sad will also give you the opportunity to purchase certain traditional products. There are many little passages, especially between main street and Dunavska street where you can crawl in and explore a whole lot of traditional shops and markets that offer just about anything. In those hidden passages you can discover small souvenir shops offer something unique and regional for you to take home. You can't take a trip to Serbia and go home empty-handed. Whether you want to bring something back for the folks who didn't come along with you on your trip or you just want a keepsake of your fabulous stay in Novi Sad or Serbia.

Sad Novi Bazar is also popular place for shopping in Novi Sad. With its attractive shopping area and a diversity of offered contents on four floors, Sad Novi Bazar shopping centre is a favorite shopping venue. Here is the place where you can find EVERYTHING. These shops stock various items of necessity for travelers coming from all parts of the world. Here you can find quality Italian shoes with prices ranging from 50 to 200 euros. Also don’t forget to check out Merkator megastore.

If you like to bargain, flea and markets are the best places to buy all kinds of interesting presents, traditional handicrafts and clothing, traditional sweets, and many other Vojvodinian specialties. Nylon market (Najlon pijaca) is place located in Novi Sad suburb, on the right side of the Temerin street, where you can buy different old things for a bargain price. Electronic stuff, second-hand goods, antiques, used cars, furniture, woodwork, fruit, vegetables, records, things for car, dishes, clothes etc. It is mostly second hand things, but if you search well you could find things that looks like brand new, or they are brand new. Like in all other markets you must come early early in the morning to find good things, because later all is sold out. With the evolutional program of the enterprise it is envisaged to totally modernize this market in several phases, in the coming years, in order to become equal to its current examples, the famous "flea-boulevards" in Paris, Roma, London etc.

Merkator megastores
Address: Temerinski put 50
Phone: +381 214 808 600

Naylon market
Address: Temerinski put 1
Phone: +381 21 48 90 200
Working days: 7am - 4pm, Sunday: 12am - 4pm

Sad Novi Bazar
Address: Bul. Mihajla Pupina1
Phone: +381 21 523 987

Ister Souvenir
Address: Dunavska 8
Phone: +381 63 849 6300

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