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Shopping for food

Shopping for food

First of all, Serbs are very very proud of their food and they should be.

Quick eating here comes pretty cheap comparing to other European countries thanks to numerous bakeries (Serbian: pekara). There you can find pretty much anything you'd bake like breads, muffins, danishes, puff pastries, pies, sandwiches and pizza etc. for reasonable price. Also in the most parts of the town you can find fast-food places selling different types of food containing grilled meat like popular pljeskavica (hamburger), cevapi (similar to hamburger but different shape and size), kobasice (sausages), grilled chicken, grilled chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese and many many more.

In other hand shopping for food products in Serbia can be quite challenging. Prices variation, labels on Serbian language, types of the same product etc. can make your food search little bit confusing. Knowing Serbian is quite helpful but most food is self-explanatory with text written in the Latin rather than Cyrillic alphabet. Also a problem can be vendors who don’t speak English. But we are here to help you.

There is a big chance that near your place of stay exist local store or market having everything you planned to buy. Have in mind that these stores usually sell product at higher price and they don’t have discounts and sales periods. So, our advice is to compare their prices against your local piazza and larger supermarkets before making them your choice and to use them for last minute or smaller purchases. For bigger food supply we recommend a larger supermarkets like Maxi, Idea, Vero, Mercator, Roda where you can find just about everything. Belgrade’s better supermarkets are located in the newer part of the city and you can find them as a part of large shopping malls.

For meat of top category or a fresh produce best place you can go is local piazza (Serbian: pijaca). This is a top place to find more or less organic seasonal fruit and vegetables for reasonable price and Belgrade is field with them. There you can find an independent butcher offering various choice of meat. To find a piazza near you look below.

If you are not willing to shop for a meat from the independent butcher there is always a possibility of going to butcher chain stores selling meat product like Matijevic and Big-Bull where you can find anything that comes to your mind.

lFinding a place selling vegetarian, vegans and dried goods is easy due to dispersion of specific stores dealing with that kind of food. Most of them stock different types of teas, seeds, cereals, peanuts, macrobiotic food, oils, nuts, grains, sauces, foreign brands and ingredients etc.

List of supermarkets

List of city piazza

  • in Belgrade you can find HERE
  • in Subotica  you can find HERE
  • in Novi Sad you can find HERE

List of butcher chain stores

List of bio stores find HERE

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