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Among the stress of life, relocation ranks third in force. Moving is stressful and entails hard work. Dealing with your house, securing a new housing in a different location, packing and transporting and the never-ending job of settling in can often take its toll on people.

It’s hard if you do it in your own country; imagine having other culture, language, tradition etc. factors as well to keep on mind. People moving to a different country can expect almost all to be entirely new and nearly all aspect of common life and family life alters such as schools, daily routines, friendships, community associations and even physical landscape. The following tips are recommended to help you overcome the common challenges of relocation. And remember, don’t be ashamed of being homesick – everyone is at some point.

Collect local information, be well organized
Collecting different information about any country can be quite easy having publications, press and websites to choose from. Also, asking local people where the best sources of local information are is a good idea. Relocation disrupt the customary routines that give our lives structure, so it may help to quickly reestablish routines that provide a sense of order and structure.  It might be a good idea to find someone (through Facebook e.g.) from Serbia to tell you more about their country’s culture, language, religions, beliefs etc. Also this site can help you with all the necessary input you need to know, before your trip to Serbia and as soon as you arrive.

Make a new friendship
If you can, find a Serbian friend, having on mind that people of any age and background can make great new friends. By talking with him/her and asking questions you can gain direct insight into Serbian culture, tradition, manners etc. Try to have diversity in your group of friends. Serbian people - “local” friends, friends from your country or the ones who speak your language as well as other expats are a good start. Your inner circle of friends is there to give you moral support. Don’t play safe and don’t always hang out with familiar bunch of people. Seek out the company of others if you’re feeling lonely. It is also important that you stay connected with friends. With the technology today, that is not difficult to do.

Keep it busy
Do the things you love. You’ll be more likely to overcome any feeling of homesickness if you keep your mind busy doing the activities you like doing the most. You could engage in simple stuff like taking a leisurely stroll in the park, playing sports, reading books, or engaging in any activity that you have passion for and would love to pursue. Also by creating new routines in Serbia you will create memories and enjoy new experiences.

Expect it to be challenging and develop an ability to cope with failure
Be aware of the existence of the cultural adjustment process. Don’t give up cause no one can beat the laws of chance and win all the time. Be aware that everyone fails at something in a foreign county. Remember that it is not whether you fail that determines your success, but how you cope with failure.  

Be tolerant and open-minded
Your own or your native country's way of doing things is not inherently superior. Effectively adapting to another cultural environment requires an ability to interact with, or live closely to, people who may have fundamentally different habits and lifestyles from your own. This also means withstanding living conditions and surroundings that are different from or less comfortable than one is accustomed.

Think positively!

Relaxation time
Once you have settled in to the regular activities of your new life in Serbia, you will begin to think about how to enjoy your leisure time in your new home. Sometimes it's nice to go out for a change of atmosphere and to socialize. There are a good number of recreation and sports activities available that will appeal to various types of persons. Daily physical activity is recommended, along with some form of relaxation therapy such as spa & wellness treatments, yoga, meditation, or massage. Ada Ciganlija is also an excellent place to kick back and relax during summer especially. It is as locals call it the sea of Belgrade. A lot of sport fields and courts (soccer, basketball, golf, volleyball, etc.). Cafes serving ice cream and beer abound on the banks of this lake-beach park Also on the weekends you can visit Serbian Health resorts, offering a wide range of relaxation options.