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Fixed telephony operators

Fixed telephony operators

Telekom Srbija is the major provider of fixed telephony services in Serbia.

Telenor obtained the second fixed telephony license in February 2010, while local company Orion Telekom recently became the third fixed telephony operator. It’s good to know that the cost of basic telephone services is very competitive relative to that of most countries in the region.

Telekom Srbija

The basic subscription for fixed telephony costs 388 dinars plus VAT. Activation of the fixed telephony service costs 5000 dinars. Local calls towards landline phones cost 0.4043 dinars per minute.

CALL Centar
•    9813 - Info centar. Working days: 08-19h, Saturday: 08-15h.
•    977 - Technical faults (00h-24h)
•    988 - Directory enquiries (00h-24h)
•    9811 - Alarm service (00h-24h)
•    9812 - Various information (00h-24h)

Interactive Voice Response
•    95 - exact time information
•    9822 -church calendar
•    9823 - meteorological data
•    9844 - lottery reports

Customer Services (08h –19h, Saturdays 08h-14h)
-  Bul. kralja Aleksandra 84
-  Radivoja Koraca 6
-  Obilicev venac 2

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Orion telekom
Address: Gandijeva 76A
Phone: +381 (0)11 4 100 000
Working days: 9h-17h

Orion Telekom has started providing fixed telephony services on the territory of Belgrade in the summer 2010. The basic subscription for fixed telephony costs 599 dinars plus VAT and includes 100 minutes of local calls and unlimited Internet access at a speed of 64 64kb/s. Activation of the fixed telephony service costs 7000 dinars and the price includes a router and phone. Local calls cost 0.40 dinars per minute, long-distance calls cost 2 dinars, international calls are charged from 3.90 to 5.00 dinars per minute and calls towards mobile e phones 9.00 dinars.

Customer Services
Phone: +381 11 4 100 100
Working days: 08h-22h
Saturday: 9h-21h
Sunday: 10h-20h

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Address: Omladinskih brigada 90, Belgrade
Phone: +381 63 9000 (24/7)

Telenor received the license for Serbia’s second fixed telephony operator in February 2010 and must launch commercial services within one year after the issuance of the license.

Customer service centres:
Some of the customer service centres are located in Kosovska 49, Bul. Mihajla Pupina 113, Bul. umetnosti 16a, Knez Mihailova 52, Bul. umetnosti (Merkator shopping centre), Bul. Milutina Milankovica 86a (Vero shopping centre), Mis Irbijeve bb (Vero shopping centre).  

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