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Welcome to Serbia

Welcome to Serbia - map of Serbia

This website aims to welcome expats to Serbia. No matter where you're from – USA,  France, UK, Canada, India, Lebanon, South Africa, China, Togo or from anywhere else - you'll always be welcome.

Moving to Serbia or already living and enjoying it, working or studying here or just thinking of visiting for business or for pleasure? Expat Serbia offers information and services for expats - making your expatriate life easier, cheaper and generally more enjoyable.

This website is intended to be a resource for the expatriate community, primarily in Serbia, but there is material for all of those who find themselves living in countries where they are "foreigners".

Serbia is a country of future with a reach history.

 "Forget the images of the war-torn 90s: today's Serbia and its capital are welcoming, exciting and diverse. Spend a few days here and you'll promise never to believe the stereotypes again.“

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