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Bringing your pet with you to Serbia

Bringing your pet with you to Serbia

Going or moving to a new country is a time of pressure with so much in mind concerning a bureaucracy, dealing with paper work, new cultural climate etc.

This article will help you in case you are planning to make your pet an expat to.

First of all, it’s good idea to contact the Serbian Embassy or Consulate in your country for current information regarding this issue, since this information is subject to change. Organization and preparation is the key for a smooth move of your furry friends.

Good news is that entering Serbia with your household pet isn’t as challenging as getting into other countries but you need to have all the necessary information, before going on a trip

Import of dogs and cats require a veterinary certificate confirming that they are healthy. It must be certified by the veterinary service in the place of origin or the place from which they come. Make sure the document is translated into Serbian. You can download the form HERE.

Dogs and cats older that three months will need a valid certificate that confirms they have been vaccinated against rabies, and that at least 15 days have passed since the vaccination but no more than six months. Serbian authorities require a certificate less than a month old.

Domestic rodents and furry animals require a document in which the authorized veterinarian certifies that:

  • the country of animal’s origin has been free of Tularemia for at least one year;
  • that there were no cases of Rabies, TB, Pasteurellosis, Brucellosis or Myxomatosis in the radius of 50 km (31 mi) from the residence in the last six months

Exotic and decorative birds, aquarium fish and other animals in addition to veterinary certificate need to have a document that prove they originate from the areas where there are no communicable diseases that could be transmitted

No quarantine period is necessary as long as you’ve got the right papers.

Transporting pets by air concerns pet owners the most so make sure you are well aware about airline policy. Most airlines that will transport pets require a health certificate that is issued within 10 days prior to travel. For more information about what you should know about traveling with pets you can find here.