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Import of goods

Import of goods

Travelers are exempted from import taxes on articles for their personal use while on a trip (personal luggage) regardless of whether these items are carried with them or transported by a carrier. 

For more information see section about Personal luggage.

In addition to the above listed items tourists may temporarily import other items intended for their personal use while on a trip. They are obliged to declare at the customs these additional items in written form by including them into the list of items temporarily brought into the country. Thanks to the note in the visitor's passport which means "temporarily imported goods", abbreviated "PUR" Travelers are exempted from import duties.

  1. Personal jewelers,
  2. Items made of fine fur,
  3. 2 (two) cameras,
  4. 1 (one) film camera (up to 16 mm) or a video camera,
  5. A pair of binoculars,
  6. 1 (one) portable musical instrument,
  7. 1 (one) portable gramophone,
  8. 1 (one) portable radio set with or without a cassette-player
  9. 1 (one) portable tape-recorder,
  10. 1 (one) cassette-player,
  11. 1 (one) portable typewriter,
  12. 1 (one) pocket electronic calculator,
  13. Camping equipment (tent, etc.),
  14. 1 (one) bicycle with or without engine,
  15. Various types of sports equipment, one item of each (sports boat),
  16. Passenger car with or without trailer,
  17. Motorcycle with or without trailer,
  18. Road freight motor vehicle with foreign registration plates,
  19. Camp caravan on wheels
  20. Camp trailer
  21. Yacht, sailboat or other pleasure craft
  22. 1 (one) portable TV set with or without video recorder,
  23. 1 (one) portable personal computer.

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