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Taking dinars and foreign currency in and out

Taking dinars and foreign currency in and out

Any person can bring into Serbia: foreign currency, credit and debit cards and foreign currency cheques

Import of foreign currency: Foreign citizens may carry in unlimited sums of foreign currency. They are obliged to fill out a form provided and verified by a customs authority. On the basis of this receipt, a non-resident is entitled to take out of the country the unused amount of the reported foreign exchange. The receipt is valid until he leaves the country for the first time.

Export of foreign currency: It’s free to take credit cards and securities obtained in line with the regulations in force. You may take out up to 10000 EUR as well as foreign exchange withdrawn from his foreign exchange account, i.e. foreign exchange savings account, when accompanied by a bank receipt.

Export and import of local currency: Up to dinar equivalent of 10000 EUR par person, but only in banknotes of up to 1,000 Dinars.

Exceptionally, larger amounts may be brought in the country if they are purchased in a foreign bank. The bank receipt produced to the customs authorities must correspond to the amount brought in the country.

If foreign currency, dinars and travellers cheques are being carried out simultaneously, their sum must not exceed 10000 EUR.

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