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Temporary residence

Temporary residance

Foreigners wishing to reside in Serbia are required to obtain a residence or a business permit within 3 days of arrival.

The application for being granted permission for temporary stay should be submitted to the Secretariat of Internal Affairs in whose territory the foreigner has his registered place of abroad.

Temporary residence may be permitted to a foreigner whose intention is to stay in Serbia longer than 90 days for the purposes of:

  1. Work, employment, performance of economic or other professional activities;
  2. Enrolling a school, university or advanced education course, scientific research, practical training, participation in the programmes of international exchange of pupils and students, and/or other scientific/education activities;
  3. Family rejoining;
  4. Other reasonable reasons in accordance with the law or an international treaty.

In other words, to get a temporary visa you need to:

  • Get a job with a local company or/have a local company confirm you are working for them in Serbia or otherwise be able to prove you are in Serbia for professional purposes.
  • Enrol in a school or university or get an academic position. Taking a Serbian language course qualifies you.
  • Have an ancestral link with Serbia (i.e. be of Serbian origin);
  • Have a Serbian spouse or family that you are “rejoining”.
  • Have “other reasonable reasons”. These include having a Serbian girlfriend or boyfriend, with the implication you are to be married, but you need to go to extraordinary lengths to prove they are not married elsewhere.
For submitting of request for approval of temporary stay it’s necessary to have:
  • valid travel document- passport
  • notification of flat
  • two photographs (4 h 3 cm, colored, enface)
  • filled application forms (three copies)
  • proof of paid submission fee for stay
Along with request it is necessary to provide proof:
  • that he/she has enough means to support himself/herself;
  • that he/she has health insurance;
  • that his/her reasons for temporary residence are justified and in compliance with the purpose of temporary residence
The procedure normally takes up to 15 days and the temporary residence permit is issued for a period of up to one year.

Once the initial 6 months expires, an expatriate has the right to renew his/her business / residence and work permit. The renewal process takes approximately two weeks.

For more information about the required documentation visit Rights and Obligations of Foreign Citizens.
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