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A new web service for planning trips in Serbia

Serbian portal Super Odmor offers information on all spas, hotels, villas, ethno villages, cultural and historic sites and national parks in Serbia.

In addition you could enter a destination, and what you expect from your trip, the portal will suggest a destination in Serbia that is optimal for you. On the front page of this Serbian Travel Portal you will find a special help while selecting the best trip. In the small box you will enter the destination and service will show you information and interesting facts about it.

For example, if you want to travel to Kopaonik, after you find it in the "Select Destination" menu, the portal will show you all the info concerning accommodation, natural heritage, the cultural and historical spots that you could visit while in Kopaonik.

Also on the front page, the portal offers the opportunity to plan your own excursion by clicking on the section "Route" For example, if you type Belgrade as you starting point, the map will propose the optimal route to riche your desired destination. Portal "SuperOdmor" will also proposed spots for a short break on the way. By clicking on each field on the map, a little box will appear with all the information about the place, and things that you can see there.

So, visit the portal and start planning. 

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