Friday, Jun 10th



Serbia is a unique, unexplored, and unsaturated destination with rich history and vibrant culture and it praises wonderful natural views and a great cultural heritage.

Numerous attractions that can generate significant tourist demand can be found all over the country: stunning nature and specific microclimatic spas to peaceful villages. A traditional farmhouse - salaš is the ideal place to spend a holiday or stay for longer. In the Vojvodina region you can find top quality cottages and accommodation set in beautiful countryside.

Salas is a jewel of the Pannonian plain and it is a genuine monument of Vojvodina's culture. Salas is a farm estate, usually distanced from urban areas, with a house to live in, accompanying buildings and land. Medieval housing, designed to reliably revive the spirit of old times, beautiful nature and enjoyable good food and drink represent Serbia’s real treasures. Here, one can also experience senses of Serbia through enjoyable national cuisine, authentic wines, and famous brandy.

Soon you will able to see the list of all farms in Serbia.

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