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Finding accommodation

Finding accommodation

After the turbulent past, Serbia is slowly rejoining the world, as one of the most interesting destinations in Europe. This is obvious in the accommodation sector as well.

Finding good and non expensive accommodation was a problem for quite a while and it was not amongst the best countries in Europe for quality or choice.

The situation has recently been significantly improved. The first positive movements in the residential market become apparent in the last months of 2009 and this trend has continued in 2010.

Temporary accommodation in Serbia is suited for everyone and includes luxury hotels in Belgrade, apartments, private rental units, hotels starting from 20-30 EUR and Belgrade hostels. In Vojvodina, apart from hotels in Novi Sad, and hotels in Subotica, you can also find great apartments in Novi Sad, beautiful villas on Palic Lake (near Subotica) and old school Vojvodina farm houses (serbian: salas). Finding accommodation in Serbia is not that hard but advance reservations would be a good idea.

Accommodation in Serbia is currently thriving and expanding every day and Serbia Residential Market is at a much more sophisticated level now, although it is still behind the key regional centers.

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