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Every accommodation sounds so expensive? You are young and ready to have fun? Then hostels are your best choice. To find a good hostel, you have to do research.

Hostels are cheap, hygienic, good food with fairly decent basic amenities. They are also a great place to meet other travelers.

As hostel guests are usually on a budget, this helps them have fun and meet people while still staying within their budget. Benefits of staying in a hostel are they are cheaper than hotels, many hostels arrange for group tours and help travelers explore the place, many have free access to a kitchen and laundry facilities, most are usually located near public transportation, hostel workers can often tell you everything about the area you are visiting etc.

Hostels in Belgrade started operating pretty late, in the summer of 2005, and the offer has since expanded considerably. Now you can find variety of different hostels to suit your need. Some hostels focus on youth and are meant for fun and parties, others are more chilled out and are perfect for getting some sleep and rest, and yet others cater for families or people who desire more privacy.

When visiting hostel don’t forget to:

  • make a reservation in advance
  • check hostel ratings - Most hostel booking sites have a section showing all hostel ratings such as price, location, cleanliness etc. It’s important to look through all the past comments made by travelers who have stayed in hostel and taking into account their likes or dislikes.     
  • take location into account
  • bring some recommended items with you: zip-lock bags, alarm clock, waterproof slippers, small flashlight, earplugs etc.
  • think about safety
Don’t be afraid to leave a Hostel, Belgrade and Serbia are quite safe.
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