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Renting an apartment

Rental levels in H1 2010 in Belgrade (EUR/sqm/month)

In Belgrade rental demand is primarily oriented towards municipalities Dedinje, Senjak and Vracar which abound in luxurious apartments.

A new trend in demand has also been marked in municipality New Belgrade, particularly the area around· the Belgrade Arena which is part of the Central Business District.

The beginning of this year brought increasing stability with rents firm at between 7€-13€/m2 par month, depending on the location and apartment quality.

Senjak and Dedinje are the most popular with internationals due to the fact that these parts are both well connected with both the city centre and New Belgrade (where the most international companies have their headquarters located). Also there are international schools and the neighborhoods are generally safe. But, there is a significant under-supply of quality housing in Senjak.

Renting prices in Novi Sad are similar to Belgrade and at the moment the most attractive locations are the city center and areas called Grbavica and Liman, Detelinara and Novo naselje. Note that most homeowners will double their rates during the International Agricultural Fair in May and the EXIT Festival.

In Nis, the city center, Knjazevacka Jug and Mokranjceva Streets continue to be the prime locations for high-end residential lease. Prices are lower compared to Belgrade and Novi Sad.

When renting an apartment there is scope for negotiation. All the prices that you see on websites are just the initial asking prices demanded by the owners, but it’s negotiable. Owners are often ready to reduce the price for many reasons. Because of the plan of the tent to stay long in the apartment, that he is prepared to pay in advance but also because the owner has good feeling about possible tent.

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