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Commencement of business activities

Commencement of business activities

Business premises - A company must have an official address in Serbia in order to be eligible for registration.

Authentication of documents - All legal documents must be authenticated with the Court. Fee amount for document authentication depends upon the value of the start up capital.

Certified translations - The documents must be translated into Serbian and certified by the court appointed interpreter/translator.

Opening a bank account
First of all, one should choose a bank that suits one’s needs best. Things to have in mind when choosing a bank are payment commission rate, e-banking, credits, payment cards etc.It takes one day to open a bank account.
Initial capital (i.e. 50% of the initial capital of the limited liability company e.g. € 250 in RSD equivalent on the day of deposit) must be credited to the bank account, while payment receipt serves as a proof of payment when registering a company.

Registration application form - Registration application form is submitted to the Business Register Agency. Along with the filled out application form it is required to enclose the prescribed documentation specifically cited for each type of company.

Company seal - Upon receipt of the Decision on Registration it is required that the appropriate company seal be made.

Business ID number - The request for the allocation of the activity code in accordance with the Classification Nomenclature is to be submitted to the Republican Bureau of Statistics, which provides the business entity with the registration number and activity code.

Taxpayer ID number - Consequent to the registration and allocation of the business ID number, filing with the fiscal body in charge must be effectuated in order to obtain the taxpayer ID number (PIB). Filing location is determined according to the business seat of the company. Along with this application an authenticated copy, Decision on Registration and Business ID number must be enclosed.

Social security, retirement contributions and disability insurance - Employers, either legal or physical persons are under obligation to declare the employee within the 5 days from the day of the signing of the Employment Contract to the:

  • National Employment Bureau (application forms E1 & E3)
  • Retirement contributions and disability insurance fund (application forms M1 & M2)

Decision on fulfillment of minimal technical requirements - A company may begin its business activities after it has submitted satisfactory evidence to the Register that it complies with technical, health, environmental and other requirements defined for operating in the specific line of business (business premises, equipment, etc.).