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Importing your own vehicle

Importing your own car

Foreign nationals and residents living abroad may enter the country in a vehicle bearing foreign registration plates and drive it as long as the reasons (visit, holiday, business) for it exist.

Foreign nationals staying for more than three months (students, foreigners married a national, business undertaking) may temporarily import a vehicle free of duty provided: 

  1. The vehicle is under six years old
  2. The person is allowed to stay in the country for more than three months
  3. The person has owned the vehicle at least six months prior to entering the country

If conditions two (2) and three (3) are not applicable, a motor vehicle may be imported temporarily only if it is not older than six years. In that case, 3% of all import taxes payable on the vehicle if sold on the date of the temporary import declaration will be paid for each month or part of the month during which the vehicle has been on the temporary import regime.

Source: The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

If you you are planning to come to Serbia with your own vehicle according to Serbian law, any car imported to Serbia must pass a technical inspection, along with other requirements. The law requires that the technical inspection of the vehicle must verify that the vehicle complies with Euro 3 standards (contact the Information Center of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia at the number or e-mail listed above). In general, compliance is verified by providing the inspector with original, manufacturer's documentation stating that the vehicle is Euro 3 compliant.

Persons planning to import a car permanently into Serbia must register the vehicle within thirty days of clearing customs. You can apply to register their cars with the transportation department of the nearest local police station. You will need the following documentation:

  1. proof of customs clearance
  2. proof of ownership and proof of foreign registration translated into passport
  3. Serbian visa
  4. work permit (if applicable)
  5. proof of residence in Serbia
  6. the results of a technical examination or inspection of the car

Anyone wishing to import a car into Serbia should consult with
Information Centre of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia
Phone: +381 11 7541-260

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