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Renting a car

Renting a car

Renting a car can be confusing and expensive if you don't understand industry terms and how fees are calculated.

Knowing that renting a car in Serbia is a great way to get around if you don’t have your own car, try to follow our recommendation listed below.

It’s a quick, safe and easy way to see Serbia wonders. If you have a lot of things to finish in a short time or you need to go to some other destinations around Serbia renting a car is by far the best option. In most large town you can find major car hire chains but also the small rental companies. If you're coming in the summer, we strongly advise to reserve as far in advance as possible and you'll often get a better deal if you book a rental car on line as you can take advantage of special rates.

Renting a car in Belgrade in the begging was quite expensive  however nowdays the prices are much lower and you can find wide range of choices. Many companies enabled the possibility to book online and get a quote and the whole process runs smoothly.  All the major rental agencies have desks at Belgrade airport with the offices in the city and many in other towns around the country.

Before you reserve a car in Serbia, think about the size you need and how much is your budget. Also, be aware that vehicle classification systems vary between rent-a-car agencies.It’s good idea to call rental companies to check what are the prices for wanted cars, maybe you can get weekly or weekend deals. Ask if there may be charges that could increase an advertised base rate, such as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) fees, a deposit or refundable charge; airport surcharges and drop-off fees; fuel charges; mileage fees; taxes; additional-driver fees; underage-driver fees; out-of-state charges; and equipment-rental fees (for items such as ski racks and car seats).

All of the agencies offer limited or unlimited mileage options. The first one is 100 km after which you pay roughly 0.15-0.20 € per kilometer. Renting a car on limited mileage per day costs between 35 and 120 € per day, depending on the model. Most prices include VAT. The majority of rental cars on offer are equipped with GSP system and all of them have air conditioning. Most of the rental companies require you to pay with your credit card with minimum age requirement 21, for some vehicles 25, and you must hold a valid driver’s license for at least two years. If you’re coming with your national driving license it should have a certified translation. If you have an international driver’s license you should present the national one with it as well.