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Traffic regulations

Traffic regulations

Due to poorly maintained roads and vehicles driving in Serbia can be sometimes dangerous.

But tanks to a new traffic safety law (aligning the Serbian and European standards from December 10th) car is now a great way to take in the scenery and visit points of interest.

The implementation of the penalty point started on January 1, 2010.

Some guidelines:

  • Vehicles drive on the right side of the road.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, priority is given to vehicles on the right.
  • The allowed blood alcohol level is 0.3 permilles while for professional drivers the limit is 0.0. A person driving under the influence of alcohol with blood alcohol level higher than two permilles, or one who refuses to be subjected to an alcohol or drug test will be sent directly to jail.
  • The new law forbids the use of cell phones while driving and the same ban will apply to the pedestrians on pedestrian crossings. You can use it only with hands free set.
  • Seat-belts must be worn in any times, back ones must be worn where fitted.
  • Vehicles with foreign number plates must display the international licence code of the country in which they are registered.
  • Mandatory equipment is first aid kit, warning triangle, spare bulbs, safety vests and tow rope
  • If a driver runs a red light without endangering safety he will get a 15,000-30.000 dinars fine or up to 30 days in prison and license suspension for a minimum of three months.
More information about this new law you can find it on the http://www.mup.gov.rs.

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