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Information about pets

Informations about pets

Many landlords routinely reject all pets (kept indoors or out) as a matter of course, worried about the potential damage they could do to the property and its contents.

Of course there is a possibility of offering the landlord a "pet deposit." meaning you will pay for damages caused by your pet during your lease.

Pets are usually not welcome in hotels, stores, on buses. Lately pets in carrying containers are allowed, though a nominal fee per pet is charged

Most cafes allow dogs in theirs outdoor areas.

Keep in mind:
  • There are no specific dog parks in Serbia
  • In the cities you can find packs of stray dogs. Most of the time they will not attack you but be careful.
  • In some green areas in Serbia it’s possible to find ticks that carry canine piroplasmosis, a potentially life-threatening disease. You should have yourself or your pets checked after being outdoors.
  • Be aware of rat poison in parks. It's not usual, but it could appear. Deratization is usually done twice a year and that area is labelled with deratization posters.
  • There are leash laws but they are usually ignored. Most people let their dogs off the leash in green areas.
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