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Private Medical Institutions

Private medical institutions

If you are self employed or not working at all you may choose to be part of a private healthcare scheme.

If you are self employed or not working at all you may choose to be part of a private healthcare scheme.Numerous private clinics are available in the larger cities and towns, which function as hospitals and provide high quality medical services at significantly lower prices compared to Western countries.  According to the Ministry of Health, there are around 3,500 registered private medical practices in Serbia. Over 50% of the Serbian population is using private practice, 80% of them focus on private laboratories and private dentists. Today the quality of service is improved a lot through regular controls by the health, sanitary and medicine inspectors of the Ministry of Health and by Accreditation Agency.

The cost of the services depends on the type of treatment and can go up to 35 Euros.

Serbia is following in the footsteps of other countries in the region who are trying to attract tourists with the offers of cheaper, yet high-quality medical services. Leaving its negative image in the past, Serbia is beginning to develop its medical tourism industry by trying to attract Westerners with good quality services at competitive prices The most important sectors for the development of medical tourism are dental medicine, cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics and physical medicine as well as rehabilitation in health resorts. If you are thinking of using medical services in Serbia several specialized agents in Belgrade can help you with finding not just doctor but accommodation in Belgrade as well.

Plastic surgeries are very much popular in Belgrade. The prices here are more than twice less expensive than say UK prices and at the same time you are guaranteed the quality offered by the top notch doctors in the city. When here you can visit many beautiful SPAs in Serbia as well as great mountains so if you want to combine medical operation with perfect country for holiday you are welcomed. You will have a lots of free time so visit the section Enjoy Serbia and find things you can do.

For expample: Breast augmentation are between 1,000 and 2,500 euros (In USA prices are from 4,000 euros – 7,000 euros), face corrections and facelifts go from 300 to 3,000 euros, lyposuction from 1.500-5.000 euros, lip augmentation fro 150-160 euros while botox is 150-250 euros. For more information you can visit

Forigners are also comeing to Serbia to fix theit teeth. No matter where you live in the world - one axiom holds true: Everyone should see the dentist at least twice a year for a proper cleaning and examination of the teeth. The key word is communication, you have to be able to explain the situation or understand what the doctor is proposing as treatment. We recomend to find dental offices that advertise in English language publications. Also you want Western trained dental staff, modern office with recent to latest equipment. In Serbia you can easily find it. Due to its globally renowed health workers, the relatively low prices od medical services and a comprehensive tourist offering, Serbia could compete with medical tourist champion like Thailand. Dental examination in Serbia is around 20 euros, X-ray - 3,5 euros, Removing the nerve is 17 euros, removal of a tooth - 21 euros, treating gangrene – 25 euros, dental surgery is 50 euros, surgical extraction of a tooth - 54 euros and replacement of tooth membrane is 60 euros.

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