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Extremely competitive environment provides second lowest corporate income tax in Europe, together with other favorable taxes and costs.

  • Corporate income tax rate in Serbia is among the lowest in Europe and it is set at 10%. 
  • Value Added Tax has the lowest value when compare to the similar countries in the region
  • Corporate income tax is paid at the uniform rate of 10%. Non-residents are taxed only based on their income generated in Serbia.
  • The personal income tax rate is set at low rate of 12% for salaries.
  • Social Insurance Contributions- Residents and non-residents working in Serbia are required to pay social security contributions on their gross salary in Serbia
  • Withholding Tax - Withholding tax is not applied to dividend payments between Serbian entities. For non-residents of Serbia, a 20% withholding tax is calculated and paid on certain payments such as dividends, shares in profit, royalties, interest, capital gains, lease payments for real estate and other assets.
  • Annual Income Tax rate is 10% for the annual income amounted in the range between 3 and 6 times average annual salary in Serbia, and 15% for the part of the annual income exceeding 6 times average annual salary in Serbia.

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Source: Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA)

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