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Bus transport in Novi Sad

Bus transport in Novi Sad

Transport of passengers is executed on all regular lines of JGSP. In addition to regular routes, interested individuals, groups of citizens or companies can rent our bus for special purposes.

Line network
Maps are marked with stopping-places and appropriate bus lines. To see the map click here.

Drive ticket
Passenger has the right to use our transport service, if he has the appropriate ticket. Traveler is required to enter the bus in the front door and to show a ticket to the bus driver. If passenger does not have the appropriate ticket he buys it from the driver.

If controller (supervisor) finds that passenger does not have adequate ticket, passenger is obliged to pay regular ticket for ride on that line and additional ticket (penalty) according to a valid tariff. Additional ticket price is established by decision of the company and competent authorities of Novi Sad.

Passenger can use year ticket, month ticket, day ticket and a ticket for a single ride.

Passenger buys a ticket for one ride when entering the bus from the bus driver.

Daily tickets for urban lines, can be bought in the news-stands for the sale of stamps. Daily tickets for populated places outside the territory of Novi Sad can be bought from the bus driver and at news-stands at the railway station and bus station.

Types of tickets and ways to get them

  • Monthly ticket for employees
  • Monthly ticket for pensioners
  • Monthly ticket for pupils and students
  • Monthly ticket for citizens

The price list for tickets you can find here.

Source: JGSP Novi Sad

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