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Pre-paid passes in Belgrade

Prepaid passes for public transport

Right to get pre-paid pass for employees have all the citizens (on condition that they are permanent residents of Serbia).

Right to get pre-paid pass at reduced price have the following categories (on condition that they are permanently residents of the City of Belgrade or the settlements which the vehicles of GSP ”Belgrade” pass through):

  • Regular primary school pupils
  • Regular secondary school pupils if they are not older than 21
  • Students
    • university students not older than 30
    • higher school students not older than 26
  • Specific categories of the disabled
    • Disabled ex-soldiers and ex-service in peace men with 20-40 % of disablement
    • Disabled for work because of an accident at a workplace or some professional disease
    • Those with 50-60% of physical handicap
    • Civilians disabled in war, with 20-40% of physical handicap
    • Disabled who has permanent allowance intended for their care by third persons
    • Permanently disabled for work and earning
    • NOR participants who draw financial aid
    • Persons who suffer from infantile paralysis and plegics
    • Persons who suffer from muscular dystrophy and hemophilia
    • Persons who suffer from multiple sclerosis
    • Persons on dialysis and with transplants
    • Mentally retarded people
    • Persons with whom has been concluded the contract on foster age
    • Members of the family of a MOP user, on condition that this right wasn't realized on some other basis
    • Unemployed persons who fought in the war of 1990
  • The retired persons, old people and pregnant women
    • Persons who draw their own retired pay
    • Persons who draw survivor's benefits
    • Old persons: men over 65 and women over 60
    • Pregnant women after 5th month of pregnancy
  • Persons treated as unemployed according to the criterion of the city employment bureau
  • The refugees (who have refugee identification papers)