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Public transport tickets in Belgrade

Validation of tickets
Sales of tickets
The way of the thickets validation

There is no 'Carnet ticket' for multiple rides or 'Day ticket" valid for a whole day. Pre-paid passes are issued for employees (monthly pass, half-month pass).

Also, there are monthly pre-paid passes for “privileged” categories (the primary and the secondary school pupils, the university and high school students, the unemployed, the retired persons, some categories of disabled persons, the refugees).

Fares for all kinds of pre-paid passes you can find HERE.

Single tickets
There are only single-ride tickets, available at most newsstands and at GSP's sales at a flat rate of 42 dinars (for 1st or 2nd Zone) and 65 dinars (1st and 2nd Zone). If you forgot to buy a ticket before entering the bus, you can get one from the driver, for 80 dinars (1st or 2nd Zone) or for 100 dinars (1 st, 2 nd Zone) That is the price for daily transport (from 04.00 to 24.00).

During nighttime, buses run at 1-hour intervals from 00:10 to 02:10 usually from special stops at the Republic Square towards other parts of the city. The night fare is 100 dinars (1st or 2nd Zone) and 140 dinars (1st, 2nd Zone). You can only buy it in the bus.

It is mandatory to validate your ticket once you get on board, by punching it with a ticket validator you can find near each door.

As you could see GSP Belgrade have tariff system for two zones. For more information click HERE.

Single tickets can be bought:

  • on GSP's vehicles (it is a conductor or a driver who sells it)
  • at GSP's sales places
  • at newsstands, marked with the label of the tickets selling

Free of charge transport
Without GSP “ Belgrade ” legitimation (regardless the place of living at the territory of Serbia) are:

  • Children under the age of 7
  • Police officers in uniforms
  • Recipients of the order of “National hero”
  • Recipients of the “ Certificate of service in the partisan forces in 1941”
  • Warriors in Spanish war from 1936 to 1939
  • Warriors in wars between 1912 and 1918
  • Recipients of the medal of “White eagle with swords"
  • Recipients of the ”Obilic's gold medal”
  • Recipients of the “Albanian commemorative”
  • Recipients of the medal ”The star of Karadjordje with swords"